World Class Creations

Creating a Better Tomorrow
World Class Creations LLC is a technology innovation and holding company.  We have developed a portfolio of projects which we internally incubate to commercial viability.  Our focus is on creating enhanced and immersive experiences in cloud connected enterprises through the use of GPS, augmented reality, embedded systems, machine vision and spatial awareness.  We have extensive experience in connecting amalgamate systems and devices into a streamlined network of technology assets used to solve complex business problems.  WCC is experienced in the fields of:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Software Development
  • Hardware Development
  • Enterprise Virtualization
  • Wireless Transmissions
  • Telecommunications

Our products offer a unique blend of services which integrate:



Artificial intelligence & situational awareness using facial and body detection


Real-Time Data Capture

From a wireless device to the cloud


Automated Video

Integrating video cameras with object recognition


Location Awareness

Geospatial representation of data


Mobile Connectivity

Using cellular data networks and Bluetooth


Predictive Analytics

To improve decision making and performance

Our Portfolio


Interactive Video-Based Gaming on the Golf Course


Public Safety Automated Mobile Vicinity Video





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