World Class Creations LLC is a technology innovation and holding company focused on creating enhanced and immersive experiences in cloud connected enterprises through the use of GPS, augmented reality, embedded systems, machine vision and spatial awareness. We have extensive experience in connecting amalgamate systems and devices into a streamlined network of technology assets used to solve complex business problems.  WCC provides over 50 years of combined experience in the fields of business intelligence, geographic information systems, enterprise virtualization, software development, hardware development, wireless transmissions, and telecommunications.  Our products offer a unique blend of services which integrate:


Artificial intelligence & situational awareness using facial and body detection

Real-time data capture

From a wireless device to the cloud

Automated Video

Integrating video cameras with object recognition

Location awareness

Geospatial representation of data

Mobile connectivity

Using cellular data networks and Bluetooth

Predictive analytics

To improve decision making and performance


Revolutionizing golf for the next generation

  • Navigate Interactive 3D Course Map

  • Automatic Scorecard and Shot History

  • Record and Playback Shot Videos

  • Plan Your Shots Using Live Stats

Time for A Change

Golf is a traditional sport that has yet to be modernized for the next generation. When was the last time you used a pencil outside of a golf course? As a result, the golf industry has been in decline for many years now. It has been reported by industry executives that 2 million golfers have been lost over the last 2 years alone.

The Solution

People play golf for several reasons; the gaming aspect, the social experience, and the entertainment value. GameCart offers a new way to experience the sport by bringing together the virtual world of video gaming, social media, and fantasy gaming to real life golf.  Turn your golf game into the ultimate golf experience with GameCart!

US Patents 9,138,638, 9,486,694, Canada Patent 2,909,674 and Patents Pending

How To Play


Playing GameCart is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Park the cart
  2. Tap the remote control prior to your shot
  3. Instantly view the results on cart tablet

Watch The Video

See GameCart in action on the golf course! Recorded during a 4 player, multiple cart product trial session in Plano, TX.

GameCart Features

GameCart is an interactive golf entertainment system which connects multiple players and games into a unified gaming experience.

  • Virtual games and tournaments
  • Stroke play or scramble format
  • 3D map with course features and shots
  • Shot distance and club recommendation
  • Automatic scoring by player and team
  • Video replay of swing and target
  • Player and game statistics

Hassle-Free Play

GameCart can be installed on any golf cart and playing it requires no preparation by the golfer.  Players interact with the system using wearable remote controls and a tablet on the golf cart.

  • Anyone renting a golf cart can play
  • Hands-free remote controls
  • Easy-view tablet display
  • Instant game updates between carts
  • Continuous connectivity
  • No device charging or app download

Follow Your Game

View a Game Space Demo

The Game Space provides access to GameCart content in the clubhouse, at home, or from a mobile device using a web browser.

  • Leaderboard – Scores and Rankings
  • Shot Map – Markers and Videos
  • Player Stats – Distances, Greens, Putts

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